Monday, January 2, 2012

NEON New Year's Eve Party

Good morning!  After spending all day yesterday cleaning up after our party, recovering, and starting to take down all the Christmas decorations, I am finally able to rela...oh crap, I have 2 cakes to start on again today!  So much for having a clean kitchen.  That never lasts long.

This year was our 4th year to host our NYE party at our (Ally's) house!

The first year we had a black and white theme:

The next year we had a glitter theme:

Last year we had a wig theme:

And this year we had a neon theme!!!!  It's getting harder every year to come up with something original.

This year Nick and Amanda brought washers (a game where you throw washers into a hole...kinda like corn hole...kinda like horseshoes...get it?).  It was a hit!  Everyone (almost everyone) loved it!

We're totally blocking it, but we had neon signs for the theme.  Felt like we were in a bar.  Fun.

Sorry about the quality of these pics.  I took them all with my phone.

Amanda made our awesome cake!  So it's like "hey, I'm just a regular old black cake w/ silver sprinkles.  happy new year or whatever" and then all of a sudden...

 You cut into it and it's like BAM!  HAPPY NEW YEAR, YALL!
 and everyone oohed and ahhed!  It got quite the reaction!  Tasted yummy too, of course!  Some people were convinced that each flavor was a different fruity flavor, but we assured them that every layer was the same champagne flavor!

Thankfully Joanna can wear her awesome neon sweater to a tacky sweater party!  Maybe that'll be next years theme...

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