Sunday, October 30, 2011


I think a tired baker came up with this cake trend, because leaving a cake unfrosted is a lot easier to create than most new ideas! Hillary Duff had a beautifully "naked" cake at her wedding last fall, and they have been streaking through weddings ever since. They really make a flash at any event. OK, I guess that's enough naked puns. The horizontal stripe of filling between each layer is all you need for design, but a lot of these cakes feature fresh fruit or flowers as an embellishment. The fruit is usually a hint to the flavor of cake which makes it even more mouth-watering! These cakes are so classy I can't bare it! (C'mon, you knew there had to be one more pun).

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The day after I found out Target was going to carry a Missoni line I went into the store to see if they had anything left. All they had left was some bedding and some cute little girl shoes but none in the size that I needed. So I went home and instead of working on my mountains of laundry, I went here to see what they had.  One thing lead to another (as they usually do) and ended up on pinterest and made a little zigzag board of trendy zigzagy things. Here are a few cakes I found:  


If you watched Project Runway this season, you know what ombre is. You know that commercial/PSA they play every episode where the lady who was told "aufiderzein" a LONG time ago says "pretty freakin' awesome!!"? Then they get to the point and define ombre as gradation of color. Well if it's on PR, it's obvi a style trend to follow, and the cake world has not missed a beat on this one. Whether the color gradation is the actual cake, the frosting or both, these colorful cakes are stunning.

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