Saturday, December 3, 2011

Harper's Birthday Party

It's not every weekend that we get to make a cake and eat it too!  But this weekend, Peyton and I walked down the street to our neighbor, Harper's first birthday.  Jason had to work all day, so just us girls went.  It was one of those gross cold wet days where you're thankful for the rain, but want it to stop when you're outside!  We got wet on the way home and had to run!

Here's the party room.  This house is exactly the same floor plan as ours, but just backwards. 
 Isn't it fun walking in your same house but it's just backwards?  Or am I the only dork who thinks that's fun?

Anna was the hostess with the mostess!

The birthday girl, Harper with her mommy and daddy, Chris and Anna.  

Yummy party favors

Yummy food!

Hmm, what am I supposed to do with this little owl?  Oh, shove it in my face and get really messy?  Yes please!

Present time!  

This morning, Peyton said "Go Harper's house please?"  She wants to go play with all her new toys!  

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