Monday, November 7, 2011


I love Cupcake Wars on Food Network. I love the huge number of puns in every episode. I love the subtitles when Florian Bellanger gets mad. I love the contestants who start kitchen fires. And finally, I love the ridiculous ingredients they are given to make cupcakes. Savory cupcakes, however, are more than just an interesting twist for a TV show. A lot of bakeries are cashing in on "weird" flavors with the crowd that just wants to try  them. After having just visited the Texas State Fair, I'm convinced that people are willing to try  almost any food. (I'm no exception. See also my fb status with the embarrassingly long list of what my family ate at the fair.) Savory flavors are fun to play with in your own kitchen, so here are some recipes straight from Cupcake Wars winners.

Not too weird, sounds yummy:

Different, but probably pretty good:

And here's the kicker:

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